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HEY I'M WENDY (Acting Pros)

HEY I'M WENDY (Acting Pros)

Before I became a working actress, I was a struggling actress.

My auditions were few and far between, and my callback rate was below 20%. I was so frustrated because I knew I was a good actor - so why wasn't I getting results?

I realized that if things continued, I wasn't going to book any acting work and I could kiss my dream goodbye.
I didn't move 3,000 miles across country for that!

Luckily for me, I met a young film director who taught me how to look at an audition from the point of view of the filmmaker. This opened my eyes to everything I had been missing. No wonder I wasn't booking!

I learned to audition like a pro, and within a year I booked my first big job - a Series Regular on Steven Spielberg's High Incident.

Now I'm on a mission to help other actors overcome the Audition Game.

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