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What Is The Audition Game?
Four Times Series Regular Wendy Davis Explains.

Check Out What This Working Actor Has To Say About The Audition Game Worksheet.
Word On The Street 
"I know this class is considered an "audition" class but for me, it is more so a "booking" class.  Studying with Acting Pros has taught me how to book casting offices and roles.  I floundered for years with my auditions and never reached a level of consistently booking roles.  I also never felt like I booked the "office," which is also a very important thing to do. Wendy trains you how to approach a script and really dive into it. Since studying at Acting Pros I have booked many casting offices, booked a feature film role, and I just shot my first guest star role for a CBS show in South Carolina. .​I'm so happy I found this place. I highly recommend Acting Pros."
Jan Haley Soule
"YEARS of taking acting classes and would constantly walk away from auditions feeling like something was missing from my performance. Yes, I booked work, but I was never as prepared, confident or pleased with the work I was doing in the casting office until taking classes at Acting Pros. I actually cried after the Audition Game Pro orientation because I had heard of Wendy's classes but never went. After the orientation, I KNEW that the Audition Game Pro was going to be a class that would help me create powerful and specific performances. So glad I finally took this class!"
Tarina Pouncy
“Before I met Wendy I wasn’t confident about auditioning. I’ve been well trained for a while and knew that if I got on set I would do fine, but I didn’t know how to get on set. I didn’t know how to book the job.I decided to take Wendy’s course, and man, it changed my life! I hadn’t auditioned for 9 months and my first audition after her class - I booked it! Feature film that shot in Nashville. Now I am a working actor. Wendy has given me a blueprint of how I can have a solid audition and go into the room confident knowing I’m going to do a great job. Thank you so much Wendy!”
Ryan Gunnarson
“Have seriously had so many breakthroughs as a result of using this approach. Grateful for the Audition Game. It's one thing to take years of scene study and another to develop an approach for auditions. In the course we've covered everything from one-liners which can be tricky, to monologues. As a result, I booked my first network co-star! So many good things to say about Acting Pros!"
Nathaniel Kweku
"I have had such growth while learning from you in your class. I have not only gained solid skills for auditioning, but I discovered a confidence I was previously lacking.While you are a great actress, you are also a great mentor. Whether you know it or not, you are a shining example of how a strong woman and mother succeeds! I have learned more than just The Audition Game. :)  I am so very grateful."
Mandy Moody
“I just want to say a HUGE thank you to the Acting Pros. I was just cast in my 1st two leading roles in feature films, one shooting in LA and one shooting this fall in New Mexico! For one of the audition process, I had to self tape a very physical and emotional scene, and thanks to your Audition Game Course, I knew how to work around a near impossible action packed script and find the key points to work on!  Thank you for equipping me with those 9 steps! It really came into play!"
Samantha Jean

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